Celebrating 50 Years 2008
Donna Chipley and Raymond Akers
November 21, 1958
Cedar Rapids Iowa

50th Anniversary-2011
Bethel Pastor William C. Perkins Sr. and
First Lady Rose Perkins
August 28, 1961

                              to the Perkins
                  from President Obama and  
                  First Lady Michelle Obama
                          August 28, 2011

                                                          Celebrating 50 years - 2010    
                                                           Paulette Gibson and James Clark
                                                           April 2, 1960
                                             Cedar Rapids Iowa

Edith Reed and Robert Atkinson
October 16, 1940
Cedar Rapids Iowa

Mary Atkinson and Dwight Coty
Dec 13, 1969
Cedar Rapids Iowa

Carole Reed and Ted Hughes
Left back row: Mary Atkinson, Jeanne Mitchell;
Front  Bernice Brown, Gloria Hughes, Joyce Collins, Maid  of Honor Wanda McClan
Right back row: Edith Atkinnson, Lulu Walker, JoEtta Collins Front right of bride:  Evelyn Reed, Mrs John Collins Sr, LaQuesta Doolin, Connie Brooks, Barbara Elam   
 Flower Girl:  Joan Mitchell
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Jeanne Walker and Wilbert T Mitchell
October 12 1952
Cedar Rapids Iowa
Earlmond Mason and Paul Ware
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Montyne Collins and Rob Kasper
August 28, 2004
Cedar Rapids Iowa

Joan Mitchell and James Nelson
Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Alphia (Jim) Black Jr and Hilda
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Julia Strauss and Billie Colllins
Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Barbara Sue Johnson and William H. Elam
Sept. 15, 1958
Mt. Zion Church
. Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Pastor Percy Burt , Barbara, W. H., Best man- Eddie Graham

Connie Brooks and Murry Hillsman
August  4, 1987
Holiday Inn Pool
 Maid of Honor Elaine Sallis, Connie, Murry
Scottsdale, Ariz

Mary Elizabeth Lawrence and Gerald Reynard Bias
July 15, 1995
Cedar Rapids Iowa

Delores Marshall and Edward Lynch
July 4, 1998
Cedar Rapids Iowa

Renee Curd-Jackson and Daniel Jr Hewitt
June 30, 2001
Cedar Rapids Iowa
Sharlene Moss and Glenn Durant Jones
August 22, 1992
Cedar Rapids Iowa

Vanessa Brown and Lance Moreland
May 24, 1975
Willa  Brown; Randolph Harden; Callie Harden; Louise Becicka Bell;
George Wilson Jr; Eloysie Wilson
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

              Louisa Doolin and Eric Harrison
                                  Feb 1987
            Celebrating 25 Year Anniversary 2012    
Charmeda Woodson and Charles Harrison
June 26, 1948
Cora Lee, Ruby Lee, FrankWashington, Marquita Woodson, Charmeda, Charles, Bob Henderson, Vernon, Don, Eloysie
Henry Woodson.  Flower Girl:  Almeda Woodson
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Theresa Lea Brooks and
Marc Sturges
October 7, 1996 
Cedar Rapids Iowa

Connie Rice and Raydell Brooks
August 3 1957
Melvin and Anna Brooks,  Raydell, Connie,
George and Gladys Rice, Charles Castine
Grandmothers: Alice Brooks and Lucille Hunter
Cedar Rapids Iowa


                                       Thelma and Harry Price
                                             Edward Smith ,  Mildred "Smidge" O'Bannon
                                  Flower girl Barbara Ampey
                                   Cedar Rapids Iowa

Gladys Castine and George E Rice
March 20, 1942
Kahoka Missouri

Olivia Bell and Leon Hatchett
Chicago, Ill.


Carrie Taylor and Matthew Sturges
George Turner, Matthew, Carrie, Frances Taylor, Bev Taylor 
Girls: Mary Jane Shamley, Delores Wilson
December 24, 1936

Mary Katheryn Phillips and John Irvin Culp
October 10, 1959
Cedar Rapids Iowa
Weber Patterson, Herschell Pickens, Nedra Phillips, Connie Rice Brooks
LaVista Wilson Smith, Madeline Ampey, Marva Patterson, and Jerry Culp


Sharon and Dewayne Ampey
Cedar Rapids Iowa
Myrtle Washington and James "Jimmy" Ampey
April 4, 1956
Cedar Rapids Iowa

Billie Dean Cook and Sylvester Mims
December 22, 1973
Cedar Rapids Iowa

Ruth and Sam Perry
July 25, 1940
Cedar Rapids, Ia

Jewell and Russell Ferguson
50th Annniversary 1997
May 15 1947
Cedar Rapids Iowa

Lavista Wilson and Leon Smith
Cedar  Rapids, Iowa
Parents:   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith ;  Mrs. Jessie Weems

Arabela Holmes and Garland Davis

                                                          Madeline and Charles Lumpkin

Deborah Renea Foy and Edward H Grimes
June 25,
Mt Zion Missionary Baptist Church
Cedar Rapids Iowa

Verina Williams and Maurice Stovall
Feb. 24, 2000
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Children:   Derina, J..T., Khristian, Noah,
Bride's sister, Selina; Mothers:  Betty and Leona

Wedding Party, family, and friends of
Russell and Shirley Collins
June 3, 1948

Shirley Ann Patten
Russell L. Collins
June 3, 1948
Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Janice Sirlona and Doug Jackson
Sept. 2, 2000
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Lavista Wilson and John Hickok
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Nov. 21


Monea  Diaz and Johnny Pledge
June 9, 1990
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

sha mique Hayes/ joseph wedding invite


Alexis Blakey and Marc Taylor
Feb 1, 1997
                      Kimberly Abram and  Corey Bryant
                                       March 27, 2009

                                     Cedar Rapids, IA

Dorothy Ann "Duchess"  Joyce  and Amity Jr Blakey
April 2, 1948
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Alecia Fortenberry and Anthony Brooks
Nov. 8 ,1997
Ashville, Ga
Gretchen Schrader
and Nathan Brooks
Sept. 6, 1997
Des Moines, Ia

Anna, Michon
and David Foy
Cedar Rapids


Kathy and Thomas Patrick
Cedar Rapids


Penny Loraine Harrelson and Ronald Thompson
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Sept. 7, 2002

           Morgen Arrienne Edwards
                 and Cyrus Nichols  
                     Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Akwi Jeanette Nji and Armond Jamero Dawson
Cedar  Rapids, Ia
July 20, 2002

Marilyn Diane and Willie Ray Jenkins
Oct.29, 1977
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
25th anniversary Celebration 10/26/2002

Jennifer Saunders and Jason Edwards
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
July 19, 2003

Erika Reimer and Nathaniel Derrick
West Branch, Iowa
June 9, 2002

Bettye J. Blue and Sam Bolden
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Aug 31, 2002


Angela M Drew and Brandon C Sain
Hope United Church of Christ

Hiawatha, Iowa
April 8, 2006

                                     Tanya R Robinson and Bruce E Sain II                                        
Ring Bearer: Traijan Sain; Flower Girl: Laila Sain
Brosh Chapel - Solon, Iowa
May 27, 2006


Dicia Morgan and Aaron Johanns
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
July  10

Delores Ann and George Henry Morgan
50th Wedding Anniversary
Married Jan 22, 1954
Iowa City, Iowa


Sharri Jordan and Danny Phillips
Feb 14,  1987

JoAnna Thomas and Louis Davis
Best Man: Bill Davis- Maid of Honor Naomi Thomas
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Robin Lassen and Steven Shelby
Sept. 12, 1998
Cedar Rapids, Ia
Sandra Jean Zach and Victor Brown
March 4, 2000
 Negril, Jamica