George Rice  Family                                      
George Ellis Rice was born Sept. 8,1902 in Ogden , Utah the middle of  three  sons ,to  Dora (Smith) and William Rice.  His mother  later married William Greenway Sr and they moved to Muscatine where George spent his childhood school days, graduating  from Muscatine High.
He attended University of Iowa ; passed the Illinois State Department of Registration and Education /Embalmer's License and the Iowa State Board of Embalmers /
Embalmer's License in the state of Iowa on March 2,, 1937.       
George married Leona Reddick. of Springfield, Ill.  She died.
He married Gladys Castine in 1942. .
George was a faithful member of Bethel AME Church.
He was also a  member of the Elks and Mt. Olive Lodge
He passed away January 14, 1976

Mother Dora Greenway
Born 12/25/1873    Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
Died 6/4/1952  Cedar Rapids, Iowa

She was a beautician in her home at
207-West 5th Street in Muscatine and
her brother, Arthur Smith lived in the home also
before moving to Cedar Rapids in later years.

                           George while attending the Univ of Iowa on the
                           Bridge in Iowa City, Iowa

He was the second African American mortician in Cedar Rapids, following Montrose Johnson
Owner/Operator Rice Funeral Home1940-1953
1938- 511-9th Ave SE
1940  514-6th St. S. E. (near Bethel AME)
1953  801-8th St. S E (corner of 8th Ave. Near Mt Zion Church)      

*Pic with Ishmal Phillips in front of Bethel AME Church in Cedar Rapids -St. John's Day

Justin Rice: Postman
Spouse:  Erma Lavell, Rice     DOB 4/28/1905-9/21/83
            Children:  Jacqueline Rice Watson                                        
                             Lynne Elaine Rice Hanlon
                                    Andrea Hanlon

Rupert Rice: Rupert came to Cedar Rapids from  Flint, Mich. in 1950.  Born in Ogden, Utah he  lived and was employed at the Chevrolet hospital at Flint for 26 years.
Gladys Elizabeth Hunter Castine Rice  DOB:  10/7/1909   Buxton, Iowa  DOD 11/22/86
CR Schools: Tyler , McKinley, Old Washington High                                  
Married George Rice March 20, 1942        
Co-owner /Lady Attendant  Rice Funeral Home
Retired from the Public Library, Special Services after 20 years of service


 George , Gladys and Connie   


Robert Hunter SR       DOB
Laurence Hunter SR     DOB

They attended Tyler, McKinley, Old Washington School.   They moved to Milwaukee ,married and raised their families there                  



Mary Anne (Castine ) Graham was born 8/27/1930 in Milwaukee. While living in Cedar Rapids she attended McKinley School. She was proceeded in death by her mother, Gladys Rice, her father Willie Castine of Milwaukee, and her brother Charles Castine. Survivors include her husband, seven daughters and four sons, and two sisters, Shirley Green and Connie Hillsman. She departed this life on September 13, 1989.

                                                                                                               Charles E. Castine  was born in Milwaukee, Wisc.  At a young age he moved to Cedar Rapids and attended McKinley School.  He was employed at Penick and Ford and was a member of Bethel AME Church.  Charles married Ruth Burnett.  (niece of  Joseph Aquire.)  They divorced.  Charles was living in Chicago working at Swift Meat Factory when he passed away on the job .   He  was married to Augusta. He passed on May 9, 1974.  He was survived by wife Augusta and a son Charles Ellis Castine in Milwaukee; his mother and step father, and two sisters, Mary Anne Graham and Connie Brooks.

Connie Rice Brooks Hillsman  DOB 2/21/1939
                McKinley High School – last graduating class 1957

                                                    Graduation 1957

                                        Spouse:  Melvin Raydell Brooks August 1957.  They divorced                 
   Connie's Children                                                                                               
   Elizabeth Anne Brooks Michael  Ballard  
            Sabre Michael Williams                                                    
Brooks Girls
"5 of a Kind"
with dad- Raydell Brooks
            Sarah Michael                                
   Alicia Marie Brooks           
            Felicia Brooks
  Laurel Jo Brooks Collier Clark
                          adopted children Amaya Clark
                                                    Derrick Clark
  Theresa Lea Brooks Sturges
     M'rald Sturges
     Myles Sturges
Susan  Lynnette Brooks

 Connie married Murry Hillsman in August 1987  and acquired five children:   Tammy , Victoria, Valeria, Murray J and Nolita
Connie worked in the school system  at Tyler Elementary School in the Library where all   her girls were attending the same school     After leaving the school system, she begin her job at Cargill Corn in 1978 and
remained there until retirement in 2001.

Dr Russell L Collins Family
authored by Imelda K Collins

Russell Lewis Collins, the son of James Collins and Georgianna Watts Hereford, was born in Glasgow Missouri, une 20, 1869.  He married Emma Victoria Perkins in 1891 in St Louis Missouri.  From that union, eight (8) children were born six (6) sons and two (2) daughters.  Russell Lewis worked on the railroad as a cook and was asked to do some detective work for a Mr Gillam.  He was considered a Pinkerton detective, but was later fired hen it was found out he could read and write.  He later worked as a custodian for the Shenandoah Post Office for 15 years, retiring in 1929 when he and the remainder of his family moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  They resided at 829 8th Avenue SE which  is located on the corner  of 8th Ave and 9th St SE.  Russell Lewis Collins was found dead in his home about 2 PM, Wednesday, June 7, 1939 from a heart attack.  He is buried in Oak  Hill Cemetery.

Emma Victoria Perkins, wife to Russell Lewis Collins, was born August 14, 1873 in Lexington Kentucky. She and her husband moved from Kansas City Missouri to Shenandoah Iowa along with their first three sons; the remaining five children were born in Shenandoah Iowa. Their eight (8) children were: Eugene James, Robert Gillam, George Russell, Ruth Odessa, Lynn Putnam, Elmer Ernest, Emmett Augustus, and Maxine Victoria Collins. Emma was a member of the Bethel AME Church and a charter member of the Jolly Sixteen Club. Emma died in her home after an illness of three (3) years on June 6, 1937. She is buried in Oakhill Cemetery. 

Eugene James Collins was born September 12, 1894 in St Louis Missouri.  He moved to Cedar Rapids Iowa to attend Coe College on a sports scholarship.  Eugene was very much interested in scientific experiments.  He received his Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from Coe College in 1917.  He later taught science at Tuskegee Institute and later served as Science Department head.  Eugene served in the Army in the Signal Corps during WWI where he attained the rank of Sergeant Major.  During his Army tenure, Eugene was stationed in France and while stationed there he took graduate classes at the Sorbonne University.  Upon returning from his military duty, Eugene settled in Detroit Michigan where he married Josephine Corinthia Martin and was hired by the Ford Motor Company in 1919 as a Metallurgist retiring in 1958.  His professional affiliations include:  Detroit Society of Chemists, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, life member of the NAACP, African American Museum and Arden Park Historical Museum. Eugene passed October 31, 1990 from Padget's Disease in Detroit Michigan. 

Robert Gillam Collins was born August 31, 1896 in Kansas City Missouri.  He served in the 17th Processional Training Regiment in 1917 in the Officer's Training School in Fort Des Moines.  Robert was in the National Guard at the time this country went after Poncho Villa in Mexico.  He was first on the list for letter carrier and would have worked out of the terminal in Chicago Illinois, but prior to receiving word of being accepted, he was given the position of night foreman at Penick and Ford (now Penford).  He went to Coe College for two years but stopped after his oldest son, Aubrey Collins, was badly scalded.  Robert owned a few businesses:  Midway Tavern and Homerun Club along with Art Pennington.  He attempted to purchase a small apartment building on 7th Avenue and 8th Street SE, but was told by the realtor "You don't want to buy that house" as the realtor was afraid Robert would mix the tenants.  This did not deter Robert as he purchased the apartment anyway along with several more (the entire block) on 3rd Street and 8th Avenue SE.  Robert passed January 26, 1980 in St Paul Minnesota; he resided at 821 8th Ave SE while in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  He is buried in Oakhill Cemetery.

George Russell Collins was born November 6, 1898 in Kansas City Missouri.  He was an avid football fan and played football while attending Coe College.  His nickname was "Buck Collins".  During one of the games against Cornell, he suffered a serious injury by getting a broken jaw early in the game.  George continued to play through the entire game and Coe beat their opponent.  He graduated from Coe and became a football coach at Bishop College in Texas and later coached at a college in Jefferson City Missouri.  Upon returning to Cedar Rapids, George was employed at the Cedar Rapids Post Office as a letter carrier.  George never married and never had any children.  He passed away on December 20, 1959 at 3:10 AM in Mercy Hospital after suffering a heart attack.  He is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery.  

Ruth Odessa Collins was born June 13, 1901 in Shenandoah Iowa.  Her brothers referred to her as "ole girl".  She learned to cook at 8 years of age by watching her grandmother and father.  Ruth attended Coe College because her father told her she could "not" go anywhere else.  She didn't really have a social life while in high school because she was the only "negro" girl there, but her brothers were more accepted because they could play ball and help keep the school "boomed" up.  Upon graduating from Coe College, Ruth worked at Texas College.  She later moved to Omaha and worked as a reserve YWCA secretary.  Ruth's travels took her to Detroit, Cleveland, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Petersburg VA, New York, Trenton NJ, and finally to Philadelphia where she obtained a job at Cheney State College.  Ruth never had any children of her own, but helped her husband, Harry raise his children.  Ruth passed November 5, 1985 in Connecticut. 

Lynn Putnam Collins was born February 4, 1903 in Shenandoah Iowa. Lynn didn't play football, but worked along side his brother, George, at Bishop College in Texas. Lynn was very fond of his sister, Ruth, and would constantly stay in contact with her during her travels and when he would go visit her he would take her to the movies and buy her special treats. Lynn returned to Iowa and was going to the University of Iowa as a medical student. He married a young lady by the name of Johnnie Mae. While a senior medical student, during an outing on the 4th of July, Lynn tried to save a young lady, Clyde Redd, in the Iowa River from drowning when she stepped off a sand bar into deep water and went under. They both drowned that day. Lynn never had any children. He passed on July 4, 1928 and is buried in Oakhill Cemetery.

Elmer Ernest Collins was born November 4, 1908 in Shenandoah Iowa.  He entered medical school at Howard University graduating with a PhD.  He met and married his wife, Martha Briscoe on June 23, 1936 and their daughter Cara Lynne was born November 22, 1938.  Elmer had a private practice in Iowa prior to moving to Cleveland Ohio.  Elmer passed away May 19, 1993 in Cleveland Heights Ohio. 

Emmett Augustus Collins was born February 16, 1913 in Shenandoah Iowa.  He attended Howard University and graduated with a degree in Accounting.  He married Catherine Louise Diggs on May 14, 1940 in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  Emmett served in the Army during World War II.  Emmett worked at Pennick and Ford and his wife worked at Collins Radio.  Emmett and Catherine had one son, Russell Dennis Collins, whom they adopted and he took training to become an electrician.  Emmett passed on November 8, 1995 in Belleville Michigan.  He is buried in Oakhill Cemetery beside his wife, Catherine who passed January 7, 1984 in Iowa City Iowa.

Maxine Victoria Collins was born October 24, 1915 in Shenandoah Iowa. She was the youngest child and youngest daughter. She attended Howard University and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics. She married William David Graham, September 24, 1943 in Hinesville Alabama who later became a Federal Judge in Hartford Connecticut. Maxine taught home economics for 35 years and upon retiring, she was just as busy working in the political arena with politicians. There were two daughters born of this union Lynne and Ianne. Maxine passed away on April 29, 2007 from complications of Alzheimer's. She is buried in Hartford Connecticut.


Josephine and Eugene Collins

George R Collins at Coe College

Georgianna Watts Hereford

Eugene Collins - 1976

George - Cedar Rapids Postal Carrier

Elmer, Cara Lynne, Maxine, Martha, Ruth,
William (Maxines' husband) - back row;
Lynne in front row - 1953-1954

Robert G Collins married Ardath Olena Morgan, who is a direct descendant of Ellen Taylor.  This union produced four (4) children:   Ardath Roberta Collins, Onolee Olena Collins, Aubrey Gillam Collins, and Russell LeRoy Collins.  This union ended in divorce and Robert eventually married Francis Elizabeth Sims June 15, 1935 in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  Ardath Morgan was born March 18, 1899 in Cedar Rapids Iowa and passed away on September 16, 1976 in Davenport Iowa.  She is buried in Davenport Iowa.  Francis was born January 4, 1904 in Salisaw Oklahoma.  She passed away July 22, 1974.  Francis is buried in Oakhill Cemetery next to  Robert Collins.

Ardath Olena Morgan

Francis Elizabeth Sims

Children of Robert and Ardath Collins

Ardath Roberta Collins
Ardath Roberta Collins was born September 18, 1917 in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  She married Leonard James Hudson and they lived in Des Moines Iowa where their son, Thornton James "Pookie" Hudson, Jr was born on July 11, 1934.  Pookie and his mother eventually moved to Gary Indiana where he formed a Doo Wop group while still in high school and they called themselves Pookie Hudson and the Spaniels.  Their signature record was Goodnight Sweetheart.  Ardath passed away on __________ in Gary Indiana and Pookie passed away from a battle with Cancer of the Thymus on January 16, 2007.  For a view of the funeral and some of the songs that he wrote and sung, go to the link posted.

Onolee Olena Collins was born June 1920 and passed November 19, 1920 at 9:30 AM from hemorrhage of the bowels.  She was 5 months old.  Attending physician was F F Hersch and the Undertaker was C W Lundy.  She is buried in Oakhill Cemetery.

Aubrey Gillam Collins
Aubrey Gillam Collins was born March 31, 1923 in Cedar Rapids Iowa. He was the third (3rd) child of Robert and Ardath.  Aubrey had children that live in Oklahoma.  His son, Aubrey Jr, passed away on February 6, 2006.  Aubrey passed away April 17, 1978 in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  He is buried in Oakhill Cemetery.

Russell LeRoy Collins
Russell LeRoy Collins, also known as "Duke" while in school and "Doc" by his children, was born March 24, 1925 in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  He graduated from McKinley High School in 1943 and entered Coe College.  He was drafted while in attendance at Coe and entered pilot training school at the Negro Training Air Field in Tuskegee Alabama.  He returned when he was discharged in 1945 and returned to Coe where he met his wife, Shirley Ann Patton.  They were married at Immaculate Conception Church on June 3, 1948.  He served many years in the military having gone in two times.  He was a member of the Tuskegee Airmen, but by the time he was to graduate, the war had ended.  He went on too become a Captain in the Air Force getting honorably discharged in 1958 while stationed in Frankfurt Germany.  He returned to Cedar Rapids Iowa where his last child was born.  From this union with his wife, four (4) children were born:  Russell LeRoy II, July 10, 1949 - Cedar Rapids Iowa; Imelda Karen, May 8, 1952 - Manila Philippines; Kai Martin, December 7, 1954 - Greenville South Carolina; and Damien David, August 12, 1958 - Cedar Rapids Iowa.  Upon returning to Iowa in 1958, Russell worked at Penick & Ford and attended University of Iowa Dental School.  He graduated from U of I in June 1963 and opened up his private practice at the SGA Building which was located in downtown Cedar Rapids in the 100 block of 2nd Street SE.  He became the first Black dentist at the Iowa State Men's Reformatory in Anamosa Iowa in August 1968 until his retirement in June 1993.  Russell passed away from a massive heart attack on June 8, 2005.  He is buried in Cedar Memorial Cemetery. 

Shirley Ann Patton was born December 4, 1928 in Coeburn Virginia, the daughter of Harriette Belle Keller and Harry James Patton.  Shirley graduated from Camden Catholic High School in Camden New Jersey in 1947.  She came to Cedar Rapids Iowa to attend Coe College in the fall of 1947 where she met her husband, Russell L Collins.  She left after a year when she and Russell were married.  She traveled with him, while he was in the service, going to several different countries.  Arriving back in Cedar Rapids, she took a position at Mercy Hospital and then started working at Collins Radio (now Rockwell Collins).  She left Collins to go back to college and attended Mount Mercy College (now Mount Mercy University) and then to the University of Iowa where she earned her Master of Social Work.  She later became an LSMW and eventually began private practice in her home which lasted for a few years.  Shirley retired from private practice and enjoyed her life at home gardening, traveling back East to visit with family and enjoying her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Shirley passed away from complications due to Dementia/Alzheimers/Lewy Bodys on November 9, 2011 .  She is buried in Cedar Memorial Cemetery.

Children of Russell and Shirley Collins:

Russell L Collins III

Imelda K Collins
Russell is married to Marvey Collins with two (2) sons; Poul Douglas and Jared Taylor.  They have one (1) granddaughter, Ella Lou Carter-Collins.  Imelda is divorced and has five (5) children - three (3) sons and two (2) daughters; Tym, Mercedes Michelle, Louella Marie, Bruce Edward and Brandon Carl.  There are 14 grandchildren.  Kai is married to Patricia and lives in Texas with three (3) sons; Tai David, Patrick Russell and Awbrey Allen.  Damien has one (1) son, Seandon Maurice.  There are six (6) grandchildren. 

Kai M Collins

Damien D Collins

Ardath Olena Morgan Family
                                      authored by Imelda K Collins

Ellen Edeth (Nicholas) Taylor was born in Harper's Ferry West Virginia approximately March 1817. She married Johnson Taylor and they resided in Missouri until he died before 1880. Johnson Taylor was a carpenter, as the farmland was not so good in Missouri so a lot blacks were tradesmen instead of agriculturists. In approximately 1862 the Iowa Infantry was sent to Missouri to “confiscate contraband blacks” off plantations of which 100 were sent by train to Iowa. The last stop was Tama/Toledo with the last 20 blacks of whom there were two families, the Waller's and the Greens, who were from famous slave breeders for the Waller  plantation of Missouri.

In 1865, Ellen Taylor came to Cedar Rapids Iowa. She had four daughters and there were four granddaughters. The daughter’s names were Mary Taylor, who married E C Thomas (one of the AME church founders); Viola Taylor, who married Thomas Green; Olena Roper (granddaughter) from St Louis MO, whose mother was Olivia Taylor; and Martha “Mattie” Taylor (granddaughter) from Cedar Rapids, who married James Morgan in September of 1865. Mattie and James had four daughters: Audrey, Winona, Eva Eugenia, and Ardath (the mother of Dr Russell L Collins).

"Mrs. Ellen Taylor died at 7:20 o'clock yesterday morning at the residence of Mr E.C. Thomas, 918 South Eighth Street, at the age of 92 years.  She was the oldest and first colored settler in the city, coming here in 1865.  She leaves three granddaughters to mourn her loss:  Mrs. Viola Green of Toledo; Mrs Olena Roper of St  Louis, and Mrs. Mattie Morgan of this city.  The funeral will be held at 2:00 o'clock Sunday afternoon at the A M E. church."  She is buried in Oakhill Cemetery

A daughter, Virginia Taylor, was born around 1843 in Mississippi. She was married to Charles Smith and to them was born four daughters, Mary Ellen Smith born November 23, 1862 in Canton Mississippi; Viola Mae Smith born May 10, 1863 in Canton Mississippi; Olena Bell Smith born March 23, 1865 in Canton Mississippi; and Martha "Mattie" Eliza Smith born in Canton Mississippi August 23, 1867 in Canton Mississippi.

Of these four daughters, I know of two who married and had children: Viola Mae Smith who married Thomas Anthony Green and from that union there were four children born; Iona Mae Green born March 15, 1887 in Toledo Iowa; Ora Zella Green born September 15, 1889 in Toledo Iowa; Lenna Green born in Toledo Iowa; and Thomas A Green Jr born July 1, 1901 in Toledo Iowa.

Martha “Mattie” Eliza Smith married James Frank Morgan (born March 15 1876 in Kentucky) and from this union there were four daughters born: Audrey Hazel Morgan, born December 7, 1898 in Sigourney Iowa; Ardath Olena Morgan, born March 18, 1899 in Cedar Rapids Iowa; Eva Eugenia Morgan, born June 21, 1907 in St Louis Missouri; and Winona Viola Morgan, born June 23, 1908 in St Louis Missouri.

                                       Children of James Frank and Mattie Morgan

Ardath Olena Morgan born March 18, 1899 in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  Married Robert Gillam Collins on _____________ and from this union four children were born:  Ardath Roberta Collins, Onolee Olena Collins, Awbrey Gillam Collins and Russell LeRoy Collins (Dr. Russell L Collins)  Ardath passed on September 16, 1976 in Davenport Iowa where she is buried. 

Audrey Hazel Morgan was born December 7, 1898 in Sigourney Iowa. She married two or three different times and the last husband's name was Claude Stevens. They adopted one child, a daughter, Diane C Stevens. Audrey passed in 1955 from a heart attack while living in Davenport Iowa. Her body was brought to Cedar Rapids and she is buried in Oakhill Cemetery. Diane, the daughter, is now living in Maryland, married and has three (3) children.

Eva Eugenia Morgan was born June 21, 1907 in St Louis Missouri.  Her last known husband was Birk Frasier to which no known children were born. 

Winona Viola Morgan was born June 23, 1908 in St Louis Missouri.  She married a gentleman whose last name was Fields and from that union there was a daughter born,  Thornton Louise Fields born April 5, 1925 in Gary Indiana.  Winona was murdered in 1944 when she was mistaken for someone else.  She is buried in Davenport Iowa. 

Beverly Taylor Family

Beverly George Taylor Sr. Born Buxton, Iowa March 12, 1910 died July 11, 1996

Retired from Penick and Ford as a Supervisor after 37 years. He was a Past Grand Master, 33rd degree Mason of Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Iowa;
F & A.M.        Married Gladys Miller on June 2, 1936.
Sons: Bev George Taylor Jr.
          Stevan William Taylor

George Taylor
Father: George W. Taylor Born Muchankinoc, Iowa June 15, 1883- Feb 13, 1974
Divorced Agnes 1920, Married Wille Mae Hall Taylor.  Born Midway AL. died Dec 14,1985
Children: Carrie Taylor Sturges
                Francis Taylor Moses
                Beverly George Taylor Sr.
                 Arthur D. Taylor
                 Jerome Taylor
                 Cynthia Taylor

Standing: Francis,Bev,Mac Sturges,Cynthia,Jerome,Carrie.    CR 50's
 Sitting:                   Willie Mae & George Taylor

Art Bev Francis Agnes
Mother: Agnes Southers Taylor Lewis Born Pineville, KY.6/2/1888
died 5/20/1937.
Divorced 1920. Married Tom Lewis date 1923 Owned property 423 J Ave NW.

E.D. Carter and Lugene
Aunt: Lugene Southers Carter Born Chattanooga, TN. Date Jan 1,1882- Nov 8, 1954
Married E.D. Carter in Buxton. Divorced.  Moved to CR about 1915.
Worked as a cook. Accumulated three properties.

Grandfather: John F. Taylor  Born Virginia 1855-died in Buxton date unknown
Grandmother Carie A. Cousins Taylor Born Virgina Feb 1856 died in Buxton date unknown.  The couple left Charlottesville, Albermarie,VA in 1871 and moved to Muchankinoc, Iowa.

Great Grandparents: Horace and Mary Taylor  Albermarie County,Virginia


George Turner, Mathew and  Carrie ,Francis, Bev Sr.
Martha Shamley Delores Morgan

Carrie Taylor Sturges Born Buxton, Iowa March 7, 1906-Dec 8, 1984
Spouse: Matthew Sturges Born Mt Holly, Arkansas Aug 17, 1901-Oct 15, 1978
Children: Duane A. Sturges Born Cedar Rapids, IA Feb 12, 1946-1963
Grandson Marc A. Sturges Born Cedar Rapids, IA May 23, 1963-

Frances Taylor Kennedy Moses Born Buxton, Iowa Oct 14, 1909- July 16, 1999
Spouses: Buster Kennedy Harlan, KY. Denis N. Moses Xenia, Ohio
Child: Janis Kennedy Alexander New Port News, VA.

Arthur D. Taylor Born Buxton, Iowa July 28, 1913-May 10, 2001
One the first Black graduates of Coe College in CR.  He was a lifelong distinguished educator.  He coached  state championship basketball teams in Evansville IN and retired as Dean of Students at Shasta College in Redding CA.
Spouse: Roberta Hudson Taylor Visalia, California
Children: Roberta Taylor Lively Visalia, CA
               Arthur D. Taylor Jr. San Ramon, CA         

Step Siblings

                                 Dr. Jerome Taylor  Pittsburgh PA.

                                  Cynthia Taylor North Chicago, IL

                       Bev George Taylor Sr. and Gladys J. Miller Taylor                                  were married on June 2, 1936

Frances, Carrie, Gladys, Marc S, Mark T,  Bev Sr.

Gladys Taylor

Gladys Miller Taylor Born Carney, Iowa March18, 1918-Dec 23, 2003
Retired from Rockwell Collins after 24 years. She was elected Grand Worthy Matron of the Electra Grand Chapter State of Iowa, OES in 1957.

Father: William “Trap” Miller Born Washington DC Feb 16, 1889-Feb 18, 1954. Married Ethel DeVan who died, he then married Nina Southall in 1917.  A Coal Miner in early life.  The family moved to CR March 31 1920.  The day after moving to CR, he became first black employee of Iowa Electric and Power, (now Alliant Energy) 1920 to retirement in 1954.

Mother: Nina Southall Miller Bragg Born Muchankinoc, Iowa Oct 22, 1902-
Aug 7, 1991
Nina was a distinguished singer and pianist.  She played host and provided housing to many famous entertainers and hosted many professional baseball players., who were not allowed to stay in the local hotels until the late 1950's.


Flossy Miller
Florence “Flossey” M. Miller Born Carney, Iowa July 30, 1910-Nov 15, 2000.
Spent early years in CR. Moved to DM then in 1962 to Seattle.
Mother: Ethel DeVan
Children: Walter J. Miller Seattle
                Marlene Miller Spriggs Seattle deceased

Edith Wilson
Mary Edith Miller Wilson Born Carney, Iowa April 28, 1919-
Mar 13,1988
Married Raymond "Happy" Wilson divorced.
Child: Sharon E. Wilson Born Cedar Rap[ids, IA. Oct 16, 1942-
March 3, 1972

Nina, Sharon, Edith, Bev Jr., Trap ,Stevan, Gladys

Bev George Taylor Jr. Born Cedar Rapids, IA Dec 30, 1937-  University of Iowa 1956-1960. Employed at Rockwell Collins 1960, 3M Company St. Paul, MN 1961-1963. Employed at the Aerospace Corporation, El Segundo, CA 1964-1970. Employed as Air Traffic Controller Assistant Manager Oakland Center 1970-2000. Past WM Mt.Olive Lodge #17 F and A M.

Married Almeta Y. Woodson Taylor, Cedar Rapids, IA, Jan 18, 1958 Divorced 1967.
Married Karen A. Moen Taylor, Tijuana, MX. Dec 18, 1968


Terri Lynn Taylor Born Cedar Rapids, IA Aug 12, 1958-                   
Joined USN in 1979. Works as a CNA in Dallas TX
Son: Amile Mustafa Taylor Born Aug 10,1981.  Lives in Memphis,TN

Amile married Akia ( Mack) Taylor in Memphis, Tn
Daughters: Tamara, London and Lauryn

Viki Marie Taylor Dailey Born Cedar Rapids, IA. Oct 7, 1959- Nov 10,2007
Married Robert Dailey In Philadelphia, PA.
Daughter: Anita Y Dailey Born Philadelphia, PA Apri,1981                       
Son: Robert D Dailey Born Philadelphia, PA. Feb 20, 1986-
Daughter: Cierra Threatt Born Philadelphia, PA. May 31, 1994-

Wesley James Taylor Born Iowa City, IA Dec 21, 1960-                 
Works for Delta Airlines. Lives in Atlanta,GA.

Stacey Ann Taylor Robin Born Cedar Rapids, IA. June 13, 1961-
Joined USAF in 1979. Married Selvin Robin Divorced. Graduated from National University in Accounting in 2000. Also earned a Paralegal Degree in 2003. Works for Sony Studio Culver City, CA.
Daughter: Kinna Robin Born Mesawa, Japan Aug 16, 1981-
Grandson: Jerone T. Shell Born San Diego, CA.  Oct 23, 2009-               

Mark Stevan Taylor Born St Paul ,MN June 28, 1962-                                
Joined US Army 1982. Works for Cedar Rapids school system
Spouse: Alexia Blakey Taylor  Married Feb 1, 1997 in Richmond, VA.
Son: Andrew Quinn Blakey Taylor Born Richmond, VA. Aug 15, 1991-
Son: Ward D Taylor Born Richmond, VA. Feb 7, 1993-
Daughter Amara Taylor Born Richmond, VA. June 22, 1999-
Daughter Ayla Taylor Born Richmond,VA. Jan 4, 2002-

Megan “Mooky” Lee Taylor Born Los Angeles, CA. March 10, 1964-
Works in the heath care industry Los Angeles.                                          

Mooky Gladys Stacey Bev Terri Viki Mark Michelle

Wes, Karen, Bev

Stevan William Taylor Born Cedar Rapids, IA April 3, 1942-June 13, 2011
Joined USMC in 1961 and served  28 Years. Retired E-9 Lived in Olongapo, Philippines.
Married Maridil Taylor Olongapo, PI 1997
Daughter Cristina Taylor Born Olongapo, PI

John Henry Chipley Family
                         authored by Imelda Collins

John Henry Chipley

George Walker Chipley, son of John Henry Chipley, born March 31, 1879 in Missouri, was united in marriage to Della Jones, daughter of John and Sarah Jones, on February 12, 1878 in Nebraska City, Nebraska.  To this union nine children were born:  Earnest, Cecil, Irene, George Jr, Carl, Granville, Arnold and Morris.  Making their home in Nebraska City Nebraska; Waukegan and Chicago Illinois, they moved to Cedar Rapids Iowa in the summer of 1913 and remained here ever since.  Their last place of residence was 86- 7th Avenue West.  He was a foreman at Penick Ford Company.  George passed from this earth on April 13, 1929 from a ruptured aortic aneurysm.  He is buried in the Linwood Cemetery in Cedar Rapids Iowa. 

Della L Jones, spent her childhood days in Nebraska City and it was there she met and married George Walker Chipley.  After arriving in Cedar  Rapids Iowa in the summer of 1913, she became a member of Bethel AME Church for thirty-four years a past president of Bethel Missionary Society and a member of Bethel Stewardess Board for many years.  Six of her children, Earnest, Irene, Cecil, Carl, George Jr and an infant child preceded her in death.  Her husband also preceded her in death.  Della L Chipley passed from this earth at 2:45 PM Sunday April 13, 1947. 

Earnest Chipley, born May 23, 1899 in Nebraska City, Nebraska, passed
on September 30, 1913.  Buried in Waukegan Illinois.

                                                                       Cecil Chipley

                                                 Irene Chipley,  daughter. 

                                               George Walker Chipley Jr, .

                  Ernest and Cecil Chipley


Chipley brothers:    Granville, Carl, Morris and Arnold

Carl L Chipley, born in Waukegan Illinois, was united in marriage to
Lucile Boston on November 21, 1934 in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  From this
 union a daughter was born, Beverly Chipley. 

Granville Henry Chipley, born January 26, 1913 in Chicago Illinois.  He passed April 28, 1971 in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  His place of interment is Linwood Cemetery. 

Arnold K Chipley, born February 11, 1915 in Cedar Rapids Iowa passed on Saturday morning May 18, 1991, in St Luke's Hospital following a short illness.  Arnold served in the Army during World War II and was employed at Penick Ford for 41 years.  He was a member of Bethel AME Church, American Legion Hanford Post 5 and American Federation of Grain Miller's Local 100.  Military rites will be performed and his body will be laid to rest at Linwood Cemetery.

 Morris Chipley, born August 27, 1917 in Cedar Rapids Iowa served in the Army during World War II.  He married Clementine Williams on March 5, 1949 in Iowa City Iowa.  Morris worked as a pipe fitter and in maintenance at Penick  Ford from 1947 to 1979.  He was a member of St James United Methodist Church and Mount Olive Masonic Lodge 17.  He was past president of American Federation of Grain Millers Local 100, volunteer at Heritage Agency on Aging, appointed by the governor to the White House Council on Aging in 1995, and had served on the board at the Witwer Senior Center.  Morris spent almost all of his retirement years volunteering for the cause of human justice.  He was well-respected among his fellow volunteers for his grace and courage as an advocate for senior issues, including improved health care, nursing home reform, adult day care and adequate nutrition.  Inurnment:  Cedar Memorial Park Cemetery.

Morris and Clementine


Louis Blakey was born in Virginia.  He married Rhonda Frances Goings and to this union there was one child born - John Lewis Blakey who was born in 1856 in  Virginia.


Rhonda Francis Goings was born in 1809 in Virginia.  She married Louis Blakey and together they had a son, John Lewis Blakey.  Rhonda passed away in 1901.

John Lewis Blakey was born 1856 in Virginia.  He married Lucinda Reeves and from this union there were five children born: 
  Mary Blakey - born May 19, 1877 in Charlottesville Virginia;
  Robert J Blakey - born May 10, 1880 in Charlottesville Virginia;
  Frank J Blakey - born October 19, 1884 in Muchakinock Iowa;
  John Amity Blakey - born November 14, 1886 in Muchakinock Iowa
  Andrew Blakey. 

Upon the death of Lucinda July 29,1890 John married Eliza Elizabeth.  There were no children from the marriage of John and Eliza.  Eliza was born June 21, 1870 and passed September 19, 1949.  (She was known to everyone as "Mother Blakey or  Grandmother Blakey.   Her daughter was Mary Minor Hunter had 3 children - Robert Hunter, Lawrence Hunter and  Gladys  Hunter Rice.   Eliza is buried in Oakhill Cemetery.  John  had moved to West Virginia and Iowa following the coal mines.  John was a Porter in the 1920's and  John and  Eliza resided at 918 8th Street SE in Cedar Rapids Iowa    (2012- this residence is still standing )-   John passed away February 3, 1928 from Brights disease and was buried February 6, 1928.  He is buried in Oakhill Cemetery.   

Mary Blakey, born May 19, 1877 in Charlottesville VA, married Henry C Reasby of Cedar Rapids.  Mary moved to Cedar Rapids sometime in 1913 and resided here for 43 years.  Mary had one son from a prior union with Sam Atkinson: Milton Atkinson.  Mary and Henry did not have any childre;n of their own.  Mary was a restaurant cook and a charter member of Mt Zion Baptist Church.  She resided in Cedar Rapids for 43 years before passing away October 7, 1956 from Chronic Nephritis.  She is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery.

Henry Reasby was a resident of Cedar Rapids for 49 years.  He was born in Charlottesville VA September 20, 1876.  Henry and Mary resided at 1223 S Tenth St prior to their deaths.  Henry was also a member of Mt Zion Baptist Church.  Mary and Henry celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary October 21, ____.  Henry passed August 10, 1962.  He is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery.

Robert J Blakey - born May 10, 1880 in Charlottesville VA.  He moved to Cedar Rapids from Buxton Iowa ________.  He was a miner and never married.  He resided at 1223 S 10th St.  Robert passed away November 3, 1923 from Lobar Pneumonia.  He is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery.

Frank J Blakey - born October 19, 1884 in Muchakinock Iowa.  He resided at 828 8th Street SE in Cedar Rapids Iowa at one time.  He resided in Cedar Rapids for five years prior to his passing and his last known address was 1223 10th Street SE.  He had one son, Robert and one daughter, Dorothy.  Frank passed on February 5, 1946.  He is buried in Oakhill Cemetery.

Andrew Blakey - born __________ died while trying to break up a fight in ______. 

Amity John Blakey SR - born November 14, 1886 in Muchakinock Iowa moved to Cedar Rapids with his parents in __________.  He married Lottie Osceola Parkey who was born October 2, 1892 in Altamont Kentucky.  The couple married in Des Moines Iowa, moved to Cedar Rapids, and resided at  1111 12th Avenue SE.  From this union eleven children were born, one in Buxton Iowa and the rest in Cedar Rapids.  They are as follows: 
Charles Clinton - born April 26, 1914, Buxton IA
Emma Albertina - born June 10, 1916
Charlotte - May 17, 1918 - May 18, 1918
Helen Osceola - born June 24, 1919
Amity John II - born September 15, 1921
Marjorie Ida - born November 6, 1923
Andrew Harold - born November 14, 1926
Lenora M - born December 21, 1928
Deloris - born October 22, 1931
Freda Carole - born December 16, 1933
Ronald Wilbert - born November 24, 1936                                   
Amity Sr. was ordained as a Deacon at Mt Zion Baptist Church on November 10, 1940.  He passed September 24, 1965.  He is buried at Oakhill Cemetery. 

Lottie Osceola Parkey Blakey was born October 2, 1893 at Altamont Kentucky.  She married Amity John Blakey in Des Moines Iowa.  She was a member of Redemption Missionary Baptist Church  She passed away at Mercy Hospital following a long illness on Wednesday February 3, 1982.  Lottie was survived by four sons, Charles, Amity Jr, Andrew and Ronald; four daughters, Emma Kirk, Helen Tate, Marjorie Garrison and Freda Long; two sisters, Beulah Parkey Hunt and Margaret Parkey McGuire; 17 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.  She is buried in Oakhill Cemetery.

                       Lottie Blakey and Lenora lived at 1804 5th Avenue SE, Cedar Rapids Iowa

Charles Clinton "Bubba" Blakey  born April 26, 1914 in Buxton Iowa.  He served in the Navy during World War II and worked for the railroad and post office in Chicago.  He married his first wife Ida Watson of Cedar Rapids  in 1935.  Upon her death in 1936 he later married Juanita and from this union there was a daughter born, Shirley.  Charles passed away Tuesday, February 6, 1996 in Chicago Illinois.  He is buried in Holy Sepulcher Cemetery in Chicago. 

Emma Albertina Blakey Kirk - born June 10, 1916 in Cedar Rapids Iowa married Alfonza Crews August 27, 1940.  Her second marriage was to Jimmy Kirk of St Paul Minnesota.  This union took place on July 16, 1946.  She resides in St Paul Minnesota. Emma passed 2012

Helen Osceola Blakey Tate - born June 24, 1919 in Cedar Rapids Iowa accepted Christ as her Savior at an early age and joined Pilgrim Baptist Church in Detroit Michigan.  She later changed her membership to Mt Hebron Baptist Church.  Years later she changed her parsonage to Church of Our Father Baptist.  Helen met and married Sidney Tate and to this union three children were born:  Helen Shirley, Cheryl and John Tate.  Helen was very active in the church.  Her affiliations were past President of the Missionary Department, and member of the Friendship.  She was also very active with her children.  Helen passed away Saturday, December 23, 2000 in Detroit Michigan.

Amity John Blakey II - born September 15, 1921 in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  He married Dorothy Ann Joyce April 2, 1948.  From this union three children were born:  Cynthia Yvonne (1960); Amity John III (1953) and Joyce Annette (1960).  They resided at 1015 8th Street SE.   2012 Amity is currently in a nursing home

Dorothy Ann "Duchess" Blakey was born December 30, 1929.  She passed Friday, April 28, 2000 in Mercy Medical Center following a long illness.  She was secretary to John Amity Blakey Sr and piano player for Mount Zion Baptist Church until 1948.  She retired from Rockwell Collins in 1988.  She enjoyed bingo, challenging crossword puzzles and her pets, Princess, Shorty and her "Lady's" loyal Scotties.  She was preceded in death by her parents, her brothers and sisters and her granddaughter Dorothy M Cole. Her daughter Cynthia Blakey passed July 2, 2008. Dorothy's entombment is at Cedar Memorial Park Cemetery.

Marjorie Ida Blakey - born November 6, 1923 in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  She married Albert Garrison and from this union two daughters were born:  Sydney Lynn and Marlene Jo. 

Andrew Harold Blakey - born November 14, 1926 in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  He married Bette Madlock on November 22, 1958 in Chicago Illinois.  From this union there were four children born:  Nancy Jane, Stanley Andrew, Spencer Tyrone and Alexia Ann.  Andrew worked as a beef skinner a Wilson's Foods and later was a security guard for seven years at FMC Goss Manufacturing.  He served in he Air Force during World War II.  Andrew was a member of Bethel AME Church and the American Legion.  He enjoyed art classes and was a avid painter of many types of art.  Andrew passed on October 2, 2004 in his home following a long illness.  He is buried in Oakhill Cemetery.

Lenora M Blakey - born December 21, 1928 in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  Lenora accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her Savior and was a member of the Redemption Baptist Church.  She had a twin who preceded her in death at birth.  Lenora passed away May 2, 1980 following a long illness at Mercy Hospital.  She is buried at Oakhill Cemetery. 

Deloris Geraldine Blakey - born October 22, 1931 in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  Deloris was known by many by her middle name of Geraldine.  She married Robert Montgomery July 29, 1951 of Chicago Illinois.  From this union there was a daughter born, Avid Montgomery.  She confessed religion at an early age at Mt Zion Baptist Church.  She later moved to North Chicago Illinois.  While there, Deloris became a member of the Mt Sinai Baptist Church.  Deloris passed on November 21, 1967 at Lake Forest Hospital in Illinois.  Interment:  Mt Olivet Memorial Park in Zion Illinois.

Freda Carole Blakey - born December 16, 1933 in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  Freda initially wanted to be a nurse, but as one of the younger children, her parents could not afford to send her to nursing school so she decided to study to be a beautician.  She wanted to go to Paris Academy in downtown Cedar Rapids, but they would not accept blacks, so she worked at Armstrong's Department store to save money in order to register at Crescent Beauty School in Des Moines Iowa.  (Capri later took over Paris Academy)  It cost $150.00 for the entire course and she needed 1800 hours in order to graduate.  Freda paid $4.00 a month to stay at the school dormitory.  While in school at Crescent, Freda would do Little Richard's hair when he came to Des Moines for concerts.  She graduated in 1955 and took her first job with Thelma Price in her shop which was located in the 800 block of 8th Avenue SE in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  Freda met Robert "Bob" Long who was a barber and worked with Walt Murray in Murray's.  Freda and Bob married and they raised three children:  Edwin Montgomery; Carole Long; and Theresa Long.  Freda and Bob worked side by side for approximately 10 years and she worked for approximately 18 years  on 8th Avenue SE.  She eventually moved to her current location on 12th Avenue SE - Freda's Beauty Rama and Gift Shop.  At the time Freda started working upon returning to Cedar Rapids in 1964, there were three licensed Black beauticians:  Thelma Price, Lucille Farrington and herself. 

Ronald Wilbert Blakey - born November 24, 1936 in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  Ronald married Darlene Turner November 5, 1960.  They have two daughters:  Michelle and Marcie

Dr Percy G. Harris Family

Dr Percy G. Harris     

Lileah Furgerson Harris, was born in Waterloo, Iowa, during the Great Depression. The daughter of tha city’s first black physician and one of its first black educators, she learned early on the importance of education. After high school, she attended Iowa State Teachers College (now the University of Northern Iowa). Two years later she married Percy G. Harris and moved with him to Washington D.C. while he finished medical school. In 1957 they settled in Cedar Rapids. Lileah put her formal education on hold while raising 12 children and becoming active in the community. In 1993, she fulfilled her lifelong goal and graduated with a degree in Russian from the University of Iowa. An ardent believer in education, she served on many school committees and became the first African-American PTA president at Erskine Elementary and Washington High Schools. Lileah also served on the advisory board for the Jane Boyd Community House and the Minnesota Early Learning Design program, which addressed the problems of parents in crisis. She served on the Human Relations Council and the Human Rights Commission throughout the 70s and 80s, focusing on housing equality. Lileah was president of the All Saints Catholic Church Parish Council and served on the Board of Directors for the Mental Health Association, Jane Boyd Community House, the NAACP and the Cedar Rapids Symphony Guild. She has also been an important contributor to the work of the African American Museum of Iowa. Lileah viewed her service and volunteerism as an avenue for improving opportunities for African-Americans and ensuring justice for all people.
   Lileah Harris was awarded the 2011 Pillar of the Community Award at the Waypoint Tribute to Women event.  This award is given when there is one honoree whose accomplishments, over an extended period of time and in multiple categories, reflect extraordinary contributions to our community.  Lileah was recognizred for her lifetime of service, volunteerism, and advocacy for improving opportunities for all community members.